Sensory Immersion Tour

NZ $525 / per person
The Sensory Immersion Tour is the world’s first multi-sensory wine pairing experience – this one-of-a-kind-tour reimagines the well-known food and wine pairing with music, sounds, color, texture, scent and more. Based on the latest cutting-edge research in food science and […]
8 Hours

Winemakers Reserve Tour

NZ $450 / per person
Only the best wine tours deserve the Reserve label and this private tour has it all. Private tastings at some of the finest wineries in the region plus an a-la-carte lunch with wine. You can meet winemakers and sample the […]
7.5 Hours

Degustation Tour

NZ $285 / per person
The Degustation Tour is a food and wine matching experience not to be missed. The tour starts with a bite-sized food and wine pairing experience, exclusive to NZ Wine Tours and designed by the acclaimed Chef Brendan. This is followed […]
5.5 Hours

Pinot Country Tour

NZ $235 / per person
This relaxing wine tour introduces you to the beautiful Central Otago region and the outstanding wine, craft beer and food it has to offer. Take in the history of the region as we tour through the stunning mountain landscape of […]
7.5 Hours
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