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by JakeT June 27, 2014

Hawkes Bay Syrah Tastings


Hawkes Bay is located on the eastern coast of the North Island and experiences some of the highest heat accumulation in the country. Hawkes Bay’s climate has been described as almost perfect for growing Syrah, and the Hawkes Bay Winegrowers Inc describe syrah as “the most exciting wine produced in the Hawkes Bay”. Hawkes Bay has a total winegrowing area of 4947ha, of which 34% […]

by JakeT May 28, 2014

The Riesling Challenge!


Riesling ChallengeThe Riesling challenge was initiated in 2010 to exemplify the influence winemakers have in processing grapes into wine. The challenge was taken up by 12 leading New Zealand winemakers, who each received 4 tonnes of identical grapes, picked on the same day, from the same site (Mud House Glasnevin Rd block, Waipara) and distributed evenly from each part of the vineyard. Each winemaker […]

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by JakeT October 3, 2013

In Central did Pinot and Thyme
A love affair of wine decree
Where the Kawarau winds
and mighty Clutha branches find
Their way out to the sea
So twice five miles of fertile ground
With vines and trellis were laid down
And there were vineyards climbing slopes
Where spring brings bloom and autumn cold
And here did wineries elope
Making wine with whispers of gold.
(by Jake Tipler – based upon Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge)


Roses are red,
Wine […]

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by JakeT October 1, 2013

Wine tasting is not complicated at all, and yet it is very complicated. You see to taste something you just put it in your mouth and your natural instincts do the rest, simple, if you like it you will like it and if it’s horrible you’ll spit it out immediately and involuntarily.

I once met a man who insisted that to truly taste something you must completely remove all sensory stimulants from your immediate environment – including and especially all […]

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by JakeT September 12, 2013

It’s not surprising that wine, like many things, attracts characters with all sorts of idiosyncrasies. Having enmeshed myself in the wine world for some time now I’ve discovered that many wine-o’s fall into two categories – those that are passionate about wine and those that are passionate about people thinking they are passionate about wine – and it can be hard to tell the difference.


Picture this – you’re sitting down to a lovely dinner, the host a well-to-do professional is […]

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